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CBM/Oil and GasCBM/Oil & Gas Submersible Pumps and Motors

Cuvo Pumping Solutions:

Cuvo Pumping Solutions, Inc., provides the highest quality pumps & motors forthe harsh environments of Coal Bed Methane and Oil & Gas wells.

Cuvo Pumping Solutions:

Grundfos CBNG Pump Ends

Grundfos’ new 4” CBNG submersibles feature durable corrosion-resistant stainlesssteel construction and an enhanced wear-resistant design for harsh, abrasive CBNGenvironments.

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Grundfos CBNG Motors

The Grundfos CBNG motors are designed for the harsh duty and abrasive conditionsof CBNG applications. When coupled with the Grundfos CBNG pump end, maximum reliabilityand lifetimes can be achieved, reducing overall production costs.

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Oil & Gas Pumps

Ni-Resist staged oilfield submersible well pumps are available in standard stockingmodels from 60 - 3,600 barrels per day and depths to 3,000 feet. These pumps arealso available in flows of 15,000 barrels per day or depths of 13,000 feet.

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Franklin CBM/Oil & Gas Submersible Motors

These motors are built for superior dependability in 4" diameter or larger coalbedmethane wells. Temperature and time rating continuous in 86°F (30°C) water at 1/4ft. per second flow past motor. Rotation: electrically reversible.

For further inĀ­formation, refer to Franklin Electric's "Application Installation Maintenance Manual (AIM)" for subĀ­mersible motors.
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