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SQFlex Solar & Wind Systems

Cuvo Pumping Solutions:

“Reliable water supply across a wide variety of conditions, used in the remotest locations, in virtually any area, using any of several power supply sources, de­pending on location or preference.”


Remote homes & villages, National & State Parks, Conservation Areas, Irrigation, Live­stock watering, Game Ranchers, People living remotely, Aid Organizations, Utilities, Com­mercial Companies

SQFlex Solar

Ideal for pumping during the summer with its abundant sunlight, solar gives maximum water prduction when you need it most. Extremely simple to operate with no moving parts and minimal maintenance – just clean the panels periodically.

SQFlex Wind

Very cost effective in locations with consistent winds. Wind has the ability to pump day and night and generally gives its best production in winter and spring. The wind turbine design calls for no regular maintenance and provides reliable energy in wind speeds above 7 mph.

SQFlex Combo

Combine wind and solar to get the best of both worlds; you get higher output from solar in summer and from the wind in winter, giving more consistent water production all year round. Plus, there are very few days where the system can’t pump. SQFlex draws power from both sources simultaneously, so there’s no switching required and you get maximum production on sunny, windy days.

SQFlex Backup

If the sun or wind ever fall short, every SQFlex pump has the ability to use a generator for backup power. Built-in electronics switch between AC and DC power automatically so there are no special control boxes required or settings to change.

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