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Recognized as a leading manufacturer of flush thread screen and riser in the environmental and groundwater industry, CPSI provides only top quality product that meets ALL ASTM specifications. Additionally, all products, raw and finished, are stored indoors.

Flush Thread Screen & Riser

Cuvo Pumping Solutions, Inc., manufactures flush thread screen and riser pipe, from 1/2” through 12” diameter Sch.40 and Sch.80 PVC. Flush threads are manufactured to the ASTM F480 2 pitch and 4 pitch specifications, with slotting capabilities that range from .006” slot through .500” slot. Standard slot spacing will be 1/8” spacing up to .030” slot and 1/4” spacing on larger slots. Special slot sizes and patterns are available upon request.

PVC Plain End Well Screen

Cuvo Pumping Solutions, Inc., manufactures plain end screen from 1/2” diameter through 12” diameter on Sch.40 and Sch.80 PVC Pipe and Well Casing. This screen is commonly used for domestic water wells, horizontal applications, sewage filtration, remediation applications, and dewatering projects. Slot sizes and patterns are the same as referenced above, with custom screens made readily available upon request.

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